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Category: Health and Medical

Description: Green World Gambia Natural Solution Centre is an authorized distributor of all green world herbal products and supplements in The Gambia. We have Nutritional Supplement in The Gambia, Functional supplement, and Tea Series.  The Green World’s health and medical products have been extensively utilized for the treatment of multiple diseases since their introduction. The application of Green World Gambia products has been extended to over 100 diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease, dermatitis, sexual malfunction, arthritis, fibroid etc Green World Natural Solution Centre has been operating for over ten years in the Gambia and we have train over five hundred independent distributors over the years. Green World Gambia at present has more than 100 Chinese traditional medicine in the Gambia and other food supplements ranging from minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and concentrates, and they function as antioxidants, detoxifiers, balancers, supplements, essential nutrients, etc

Green World Herbal Tea Series:

Tea is considered “liquid for health” in Britain and “drink for the soul” in China.  Modern scientific research has proved that tea leaves contain biochemical components closely related to human health.  Tea leaves have the pharmacological effects of refreshing, relaxing, heat-clearing and detoxifying. They help digestion and dissolve phlegm, as well as lower blood lipid and reduce body weight.  They can also soothe the nerve.  Drinking tea helps quench thirst, improve dampness, and improve eyesight, etc. Green world herbal tea series help enhance your health, delay aging, prevent cancer, helpful for beatification and skincare, refresh body and mind and alleviate your health problems when you enjoy the Chinese and British tea culture of centuries history

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Green World’s health and medical products have been extensively utilized for the treatment of multiple diseases

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